Why Presales Architects Must Remember They Are Part of the Sales Team

"As a Presales Architect, remember you're part of the sales team, translating technical expertise into customer-centric, sales-facilitating solutions."
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Why Presales Architects Must Remember They Are Part of the Sales Team
Photo by Charles Forerunner / Unsplash
Why Presales Architects Must Remember They Are Part of the Sales Team
Photo by Charles Forerunner / Unsplash

The journey of a Presales Architects is a unique, challenging, and rewarding one, and within the Salesforce ecosystem, it is no different. Yet, amid the technicalities, jargons, customer meetings, and solution designing, one principle that Presales Architects must never forget is this: You are part of the sales team.

Presales Architects play an essential role in the sales process, more so within a complex and comprehensive ecosystem such as Salesforce. Here’s why it's critical to remember and embrace your role as a significant part of the sales team:

Sales & Technical Expertise: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The lifeblood of the sales team is to understand customer problems and offer appropriate solutions, and Presales Architects play a vital role in this process. While your job requires a deep technical understanding of the company's products and services, remember that this knowledge's primary purpose is to facilitate sales.

You must take your technical expertise and translate it into customer-centric solutions, in a language that stakeholders from various backgrounds can understand. This balance of technical expertise and salesmanship is crucial to success as a Presales Architect.

The Human Element

While the focus of your role is technical, sales is ultimately a human endeavor. The better your rapport with the client, the smoother the sales process will be. As a Presales Architect, you are often the technical face of the company, and clients may feel more at ease discussing their pain points and business needs with you. Use this opportunity to build relationships and create a positive, solution-focused atmosphere that encourages sales.

Part of the Sales Team

Presales Architects, lauded as the technical experts within a sales organization, shoulder the vital task of understanding the product in-depth and aligning its capabilities to meet customer requirements. However, their role isn't confined to just technical expertise. They are integral members of the sales team, bearing a shared responsibility to seal the deal. This calls for them to don additional hats – salesperson, negotiator, and problem-solver. Proactive collaboration with the sales team is a must. This means understanding the pipeline, attending sales meetings, contributing to sales strategy, and more.

As you grow in your presales career, you will need to showcase your ability to be a proficient sales strategist, capable of effectively communicating value propositions, and surmounting objections. More senior Presales Architects are able to adeptly navigate the sales landscape, establishing effective partnerships with other members of the sales team, such as Sales Managers and Account Executives.

Part of the Sales Cycle

In recognizing their role within the sales cycle, Presales Architects reinforce their function as pivotal team members. The sales cycle is a structured journey from identifying prospects to closing deals, and Presales Architects are instrumental in steering the customer closer to a purchasing decision at every stage.

Being aware of their position within the sales cycle and identifying opportunities to add value at each phase is paramount for Presales Architects. They play a key part in ensuring the customer feels heard, understood, and valued, thereby facilitating a smoother transition through the sales process, and ultimately, nudging them closer to a favorable decision and influencing the deal.

Influencing the Deal

Presales Architects have a unique position to influence the deal's outcome by strategically demonstrating the value proposition of the technical solutions. With your technical prowess and deep understanding of the product suite, you can craft compelling demonstrations and presentations that emphasize the benefits of the proposed solution and positively influence the client's decision. This aspect of the role underscores the importance of Presales Architects in not just the technical aspects of a sale, but the entire end-to-end sales journey.

Success is Measured in Sales Won

Finally, Presales Architects must remember that their success is measured in sales won. This means that their performance is directly tied to the number of deals that they are able to close. While it's important to provide technical expertise and support to the sales team, ultimately, the success of the team is determined by the number of sales that they are able to generate. As such, Presales Architects must be focused on driving revenue for the company and helping to close as many deals as possible.

In conclusion, while the title of 'architect' might suggest a purely technical role, a Presales Architect within the Salesforce ecosystem must remember that they are, fundamentally, part of the sales team and that their success is measured in sales won. By embracing this role, you can not only improve your performance but also contribute significantly to the team's success, driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Remember, the bridge between technology and business is built on the pillars of collaboration, empathy, and communication - and as a Presales Architect, you are uniquely positioned to strengthen this bridge. Take advantage of this unique position and build your career in Presales. It is definitely worth it.

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